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About our Program:

One2One Risk Solutions was developed by Gallagher’s K-12 Education Practice, the leader in education risk management, serving over 3,500 public school districts throughout the country. Gallagher worked closely on this project with one of their valued clients who was later awarded the prestigious Pinnacle Award by the International Association of School Business Officials.


Over the years, One2One Risk Solutions and Gallagher have achieved many awards for our ingenuity, flexibility, ethics, inclusivity, and industry leadership. 

Gallagher: recognized in 2021 as one of the world's most ethical companies for the tenth consecutive year and is the only honoree in the insurance brokerage industry.

One2One Risk Solutions: our valued client that helped design the program was awarded the International Association of School Business Official’s Pinnacle Award for innovation in school business management.

One2One Risk Solutions: awarded the 2015 Innovation Award from Business Insurance magazine for leadership, inventiveness, and ingenuity in products and services designed for risk management professionals.

Program Options:

One2One Risk Solutions can meet the needs of virtually any school's philosophy and can accommodate special program requests. We seek to be an all-encompassing program for virtually every aspect of a loss and damage funding program for your technology initiative. One2One Risk Solutions has four primary program structure options:

One2One Risk Solutions: Parent-Funded Model

Parents can be directed by the district or school to the One2One Risk Solutions website to purchase a mandatory or optional damage waiver. The funds collected are returned to the district by the program to partially or completely pay for losses as they occur. By having individual families retain financial responsibility for the device, the risk is held by those who are in the most control of how the device will be treated—a proven risk management principle.

One2One Risk Solutions: Parent-Funded Protected Self-Insurance Model

As with the option above, parents are directed by your school to the One2One Risk Solutions website to purchase a mandatory or optional damage waiver and that money is used by the school to fund losses. With a self-insured loss fund established, an optional stop-loss insurance policy can be purchased to cap annual losses above the loss fund. The aggregate protection can be offered regardless of how your district or school funds the primary losses - through parent damage waivers or directly through school funds.

One2One Risk Solutions: School-Funded Protected Self-Insurance Model

Districts or schools may decide it is unfeasible or undesirable to charge an upfront fee to parents/students. We can accommodate this program model by leveraging our loss data to identify an ideal loss fund amount. The district will then put aside that amount to pay for losses as they occur. We then assist in consulting and putting a ladder deductible system in place for parents to pay once a loss has occurred. The parent deductibles will then be reimbursed back to the district. The optional stop-loss policy can also be purchased to cap the districts losses in one school year.

One2One Risk Solutions: Parent-Funded/School-Funded Hybrid Model

This model adopts many of the strategies and approaches outlined under the Parent Funded Self-Insurance Model with one primary difference. The parents and the school district share the total funding for the loss fund amount. Certain school districts may find it not preferred and/or unrealistic to raise the entire self-funded pool of funds for damages, repairs, and replacements, solely through parent payments alone. The hybrid option allows for districts to share the cost along with the parents/students, sharing the financial burden.